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Charbel Elias

Bringing a fresh and unique approach to real estate, Charbel draws on his honest nature and professionalism to achieve the best possible outcomes for his clients and ensure that their real estate experience is smooth and pleasant. With complete customer service being his priority, Charbel brings empathy and sincerity as a point of difference to an industry that lacks basic understanding of people’s emotional and unique journey during their real estate dealings.

After working in the legal industry for over 5 years, Charbel discovered his true passion is real estate. Having always had a strong interest in property and with his understanding that a majority of Australians have a real connection to residential real estate and are emotionally invested, he appreciates the privilege it is to sell a property and will not take that opportunity for granted.

Drawing on his legal background, Charbel has a distinct ability to simplify his clients’ real estate journey and communicate with them in an intelligible way. Having successfully negotiated and settled numerous legal matters in the past, he knows how to facilitate constructive discussions with all parties concerned in a transaction and achieve the best possible outcomes. This edge puts his clients in a strategic and advantageous position to accomplish their desired property goals.

With the real estate market environment being robust and resilient over the long term, Charbel aims to always empower his clients to make the right decisions for their future. With his ability to develop rapport from the onset and with his clear and concise communication skills, he is a young high-achiever who you can always trust to achieve high-performing results time and time again.